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Top 6 Tips For Corporate Video Production

Are you struggling to know where you need to start when it comes to corporate video production? Well, you’re probably not alone because, for many, video is usually intimidating and considered expensive. Besides, shooting a corporate video could present challenges you will probably not face when shooting other projects, like weddings. Subjects – who are not used to being on the spotlight – are often times nervous, shy or even uncomfortable when on the focus of a camera. Some could appear a bit rigid and might find it difficult figuring out what they should say. However difficult corporate video production seems to be, it does not have to be entirely that way. Here are some expert tips that will aid in making your corporate video production a successful undertaking. Let’s get started. 

1.    Create a Script

According to many, script writing is often left to those who are producing videos for commercials or reality shows. However, the truth is that the style of video you are shooting does not matter, you will need a guideline to help your content flow. Creating a script is the easiest way to beat the first hurdle of creating the best corporate video production. In most instances, messaging is tightly controlled by marketing and human resource, so having to plan beforehand could save you a lot of time in addition to the agony of having to deal with frustrations. If you are shooting an interview, it is advisable to approach it with quite a conversational tone so that it looks more natural and so that the interviewee feels comfortable — this aids in maintaining an excellent flow in addition to making the pulling of sound bites in your post much more natural. 

2.    Understand Your Audience

As with most forms of marketing, knowing your audience is crucial. You need to determine the most relevant and vital information for them. Without this aspect, you will produce corporate videos that do not align with your audience and its needs. After you have a concise definition of your audience and their needs, you now stand a better chance of demonstrating to them how your business can handle their problems, fulfill their wants, and improve their lives. If you are a company that deals with fashion products, it is obvious that your target audience is the youth so the content of your corporate videos must align to their needs. An important aspect to bear in mind is that you should be engaging; do not just tell the audience about your business, you need to show them. 

3.    Integrate Stellar Visuals

We earlier mentioned something about engaging your audience and here is a point to emphasize that. The easiest way to engage your audience is to get your video content noticed, and incorporating visuals is an excellent way to achieve that. Adding some animations as well as motion graphics can make the video interesting and encourage your audience to watch your corporate video and share it with friends. Besides, the addition of visuals is a good way to reinforce the messaging and identity of your brand without being too salesy. 

4.    Choose the Core Message

To successfully produce a corporate video, you will need to decide on the core message you intend to deliver. You should establish what you want the audience to learn, know or feel after watching your corporate video. Without proper selection of the core message, you will find yourself producing a video that has no message to its intended audience. Deciding on the core message ensures that all parties involved have a concise idea of what your final product must convey. Besides, having an excellent definition of your end goal makes weaving a great story in the post-production process much more manageable. Moreover, it ensures that your competitive advantages and mission are correctly articulated. 

5.    Find the Perfect Backing Music

Have you tried watching a good video with sound and then without the sound? The difference is significant, backing music and quality sound are vital to engaging viewers in your corporate video. Combining sound and video helps create a more emotionally stimulating and compelling video. This is particularly essential when you want to encourage viewers to perform an action once they have watched your video. 

6.    Hire a Professional

Shooting and producing corporate videos is often rocked with challenges – most of which you do not have to deal with on your own. Hiring a professional in video production can help relieve pressure from your team. Video producers are professionals in video production, and their input and experience shall be invaluable in helping you know the ins and outs of creating engaging corporate videos. Even when you have thoughts and ideas of your own, it would be great to share it with your video production expert for the best results. 

Hopefully, you found the above-mentioned tips useful. Get your next big corporate video idea and get down to production.

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